Rachel Wells Photo History

Part 1



During my career, I never saw the value of collecting things, therefore I’m so thankful to my friend Herman and others for saving pictures, publications, and other memorabilia that served as factual relics that I had to draw upon when I put my thoughts onto paper. Most of the pictures have never been seen before outside my small circle of friends, and quite honestly, some should probably not be seen at all as many are not professionally done nor are they very flattering, but they are part of the history of Rachel Wells, so I’m willing to share them. It's okay to laugh.




 My very first drag picture at the Cruise Quarters in Atlanta, September 1971. I'm the tall one in the back.
Eve Starr is posed on the floor.
The Red, White and Blue Revue early in 1972.
My first production number at the Gum Head: Millie, Rose, and Mame. God, what a booger drag! 1972

Me with my partner, Reba.

  The Sweet Gum Head became my home during the 70's. I was fortunate to cross paths with so many wonderful people during that time. The showbar on Cheshirebridge Road was my Xanadu, my Camelot.

Being congratulated after winning Miss Gay Atlanta 1972 by outgoing Miss Gay Atlanta 1971, British Sterling.
Ah, at last, my first tiara! A booger drag no more. 1972
Right before the talent segment, Miss Gay Atlanta, 1972.  


My very first poster promoting the doomed Phoenix Affair.1973
  Looking "fishy" with my long hair. I was hoping to be a hippy, but... 1973 One of my new looks in early 1973.
    3rd runner-up in the 1973 Miss David Contest in New York.
Here I am with Lavita Allen performing on the road at the Scorpio in Charlotte, NC. 1973

Performing a Melissa Manchester song at the Sweet Gum Head. 1973
Back row from the left:
Michael Andrews, Satyn Deville,
Rachel Wells,
Art Elliston (manager),
Lavita Allen, Marlo,
Toni Duran.
Bottom: Deva Sanchez, Julie,
Lisa King.
A rare Sweet Gum Head cast picture, 1973.    
After being crowned Miss David 1974, Miami FL. Performing as Miss David 1974 at the Sweet Gum Head. One of the early softball team pictures. #15 with the big butt is catcher Deva Sanchez.
The Sweet Gum Head soon became a place for celebrities to visit, and of course, an unannounced visit to the dressing room was quite common.  
  Singer & song writer, Melissa Manchester, backstage with me, Lisa King, and Satyn Deville. 1974 Backstage at the Sweet Gum Head.
With Lavita  in another comedy production. 1974  
  Performing Lady Marmalade at the Sweet Gum Head. 1975 Burt Reynolds with a surprise visit backstage at the Sweet Gum Head. 1975
  From the left:
Satyn Deville,
Lisa King,
Rachel Wells,
Hot Chocolate,
Kelly Keebler,
Deva Sanchez.
Sweet Gum Head Cell Block Tango! 1975   Three Dollies:
Rachel Wells,

Deva Sanchez, and Lavita Allen. SGH 1975
Me in a 50's production number. 1975 Jesus Christ Superstar, 1974. Jesus Christ Superstar, 1974.
With Lavita Allen performing a song from Pippin. 1975 Backstage at the
Sweet Gum Head. 1975
Out of drag photo session. 1976
  Rachel Wells 1976