Rachel Wells Photo History

Part 2



By 1977, I was ready to enter the world of drag competition again.  I spent much of my time encompassing a seriousness in perfecting my act, as well as intensifying my quest to win the crowns. Of course, I didn't win them all. At one point I seemed jinxed, but yet still thankful, to be 1st runner-up time after time. This was also the time that I became more comfortable with my celebrity, while keeping my personal life more private than ever before.



Backstage at the Sweet Gum Head. 1977 Goofing off with friends. 1977
One of my favorite moments was performing on stage at the Sweet Gum Head with Lisa King. Here we are perfoming Streisand's One Less Bell. 1977 Performing on stage, Sweet Gum Head. 1977 A photo session in the shower. 1977
In 1977, I eagerly geared up for a series of pageants. Winning was secondary to the experiences and friendships that would be developed and nourished through the years. Of course, having the tiara on my head felt pretty good, too.
  Miss Gay Florida 1977 first runner-up to Dana Manchester. Dana soon became  my good friend. Miss Gay Georgia 1977. As the picture says it all, I was happy that contest was over.

Katherine Hepburn photo shoot. 1977 Miss Gay America 1978 Talent.
I made the top ten.
Carol Channing photo shoot. 1977

  Winning MGA was the pinnacle of my career. I loved competing in pageants.
  Miss Gay America 1979 court: Lady Shawn, 2nd runner-up, Rachel Wells, Hot Chocolate, 1st runner-up, Donna Day, Miss Congeniality. I brought the JC Superstar act out for talent, MGA 1979.  

  Cruise Weekly cover with my official MGA 1979 photo, December 1978. MGA 1979 top ten finalists.  

1980. This was my first photo shoot after MGA. Life after Miss Gay America.
Performing in Birmingham AL. 1980
Performing in Birmingham AL. 1980

Skiing with friends in North Carolina. 1982 Nutty Hot Fudge Sunday photo shoot. Back row: Diamond Lil, Laverne Edwards, (Hot Chocolate in the photo); front row:
Rachel Wells and Brandy Lee. 1983
Performing during MGA preliminary night in Oklahoma City.

  Photo shoot 1984